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1,000 GBP
8,000 - 12,000 GBP
Timed auction
Lot location
1981 Mercedes 200 (W123) The Mercedes 200 series (W123) were produced from November 1975 to January 1986. Their popularity lead to over 2.7 million units being produced. This four-door saloon having the 2.0 litre engine with manual gearbox and factory-fitted sunroof is beautifully presented in Primrose yellow with matching wheel centres. The tank-like build coupled with the sprung seats and tightness of the transmission, make for a safe and secure, driving experience, as only offered by German cars of this period. And having covered an average of only 1600 miles per year (70597 total) -this genuinely no-reserve example should be on everyone's watchlist... Only 2 previous keepers- and forming part of an impressive private collection of modern classic cars. A very fine example of the German staple in remarkably good original condition throughout. Offered at No Reserve Make: Mercedes Model: 200 Registration: SDV 12X Year: 1981 Showing mileage of 70,597 MOT: N/A V5: Present Former Keepers: 2 Engine Size: 1997CC Doors: 4 Seats: 5 Exterior Colour: Yellow Interior Colour: Beige Fuel Type: Petrol Transmission: Manual Engine No: 10292022038474 Chassis No: VIN ends 8361 This vehicle is located near Burton, Lincolnshire LN1 from where it will need to be collected. Videos and Motorscan Report available on request. Viewing is by appointment, please contact the office to arrange. Some vehicles on offer will need some light recommissioning so please assume that your new purchase will need trailering away. We can provide details of a trusted and fully insured logistics partner.
Modern Classic Cars; The Lincolnshire Collection Part 1
Venue address
United Kingdom
Modern Classic Cars; The Lincolnshire Collection Part 1

Viewing is by appointment. Vehicle locations are as per listings. Fees inc premium, platform and vat is 15% total. Payment by bank transfer.

Auction dates
Starts: May 21, 2024 11:00 AM BST
Ends from: Jun 23, 2024 06:00 PM BST
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By appointment only
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We can provide details of a trusted and fully insured logistics partner who can take care of nationwide delivery and will be pleased to quote you for collection and delivery.

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Viewing, strictly by appointment can be arranged, please contact the auctioneers for more details.


The vehicles are based in various locations from where they will need to be collected (please check individual listings for location). We can provide details of a trusted and fully insured logistics partner who can take care of nationwide delivery and will be pleased to quote you for collection and delivery.


Some of the vehicles on offer in these timed-online sales will need some recommissioning, whilst some of the cars do run, all should be trailered away from the auction.


Buyer`s Premium is 15% inclusive of VAT  and bidding platform fees.

(11.5%commission, 1% bidding platform fee + VAT). 


Items purchased must be paid for by bank transfer within 48 hours of sale end.